Thursday, December 23, 2010

Its official my kids have mullets!

So its official I finally gave the boys mullets, I have wanted to give them mullets since they were one but every time I wanted to I couldn't wait long enough for them to grow out their hair! You may remember the post I did about a year ago about mullets

3rd birthday and the hospital!

Tristin took a picture of his mom turning into a scary monster due to the Holidays!!! Roar!

My kids lovely stitches that he got for his 3rd birthday! 5 stitches. He was a champ and was making everyone laugh in the ER...he had a huge bandage around his head and asking for the Dr.

Grandpa got the boys a Thomas the Train remote control train...the next day he got another one so they could each have their own. One just wasn't going to cut it!!!

We are 3 years old and we are big boys(we are finally potty trained...Ya!)

disney pictures

Pretty much the only pictures we got while at Disneyland and California Adventure! :(