Saturday, July 26, 2008

kiCkiN An' CraWliN!

I love the little belly kicking that Tristin does, he's done it for awhile but it seems recently people have really noticed it and have commented about it more in one week then in the whole time he has been doing it. He is kind of starting to get up on his knees. This video is only Tristin being half excited when he gets really excited he will kick really hard and looks pretty funny.

Gavin is moving around pretty good he gets into everything as long as its not past the carpet, he can't seem to venture past the carpet onto the kitchen floor. unless Grandpa is in the kitchen then he will make the effort. They love Grandpa!!!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

hAiR CuT

I let Uncle Ryan cut Tristin's hair

He has a little left but ended up completely bald

Uncle Mike cut Gavin's Hair

I wanted them to be different so Gav has a Hawk

I was really sad to do it but it's done and it's probably for the best. They turned out good. Tristin's eyes really pop it so cute and Gavin was so good he really didn't fuss he even was smiling at first. It was an experience.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

4 generations!

Grandma and Grandpa McGinnis stopped by the house on their way home from Arizona. It was nice to see them and to have them see the babies. Tristin fell in love with Grandma from the first moment he saw her and Gavin took a while to warm up. It was great to get a 4 generation picture. Most of my sisters have probably had one but it is great to think that I was able to get one also. What a great picture it turned out to be!!!