Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Ok if read my last post you know what I am talking about...so thanks to Bailey for helping me figure out how to delete posts, that is great! I also did a little sleuthing and found out that if you don't want to recieve spam comments you can make it so that when some one comments they have to enter a word verification. This makes sure that a human being is actually leaving the message and not a computer generated (spam) comment. Also one other thing that you can do is set up your account so that when a person comments it send you a email and you can then decide if you want that comment to be published! I wish that I would have known earlier, but this is good to know.

Monday, January 25, 2010


I got on my blog today to see that I had 8 comments, Wow! Ok so who am I kidding I haven't even had 8 comments in even 5 post put together! :) I don't know why or HOW for that matter Chinese writing got on my blog. I guess they thought they would reach a lot of potential customers on my happening blog about twins! It is mostly advertisement I think, I haven't really looked at it but...How do I get it off and how do I keep it from happening again??????? I'm totally serious, someone who might know please help or any advise to get it off would be great. I thought for sure I could delete comments somewhere but I didn't find a thing. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!

Sunday, January 24, 2010


Cars has literally become an obsession! I took Tristin to Wal-Mart with me yesterday since Gavin was sick he stayed home, and we had gone to the little boy clothing section. He saw these hats and wanted one, but he knew that if he was getting one that his brother also got one so he made sure I had enough! We also saw gift set with Cars sleeping bag, Lamp, Night light and pillow. He brought me two of them just in case I wanted to get them for him and his brother. I had to explain that we weren't getting them and after a bit he decided that was ok and helped me put them back.
I really love these pictures, with messy faces, collard shirts and ghetto hats they look like truckers. Gavin loved the hat so much he wanted to sleep in it and take a bath with it on. I love these kids!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Warm Winter Day

The weather was perfect today, even if I did have to convince Gavin to take his big winter coat off. I think it got up to 57 degrees today!!! It was really nice for the kids to go out and enjoy a day outside. And of course the Skateboards were a must! Still need to get some pads and helmets before the real good weather comes. What a perfect MLK day, with a day off from school.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

hair cut

Got my hair cut today! More blond, and layers for more body. I am always happy to get my hair cut and colored I feel like a new person.
I started school last Monday, I am taking Microbiology, Nutrition and Womens Cultural Heritage. Not sure about the last class but it should be interesting. I will be done after this quarter and I am pretty excited about that!!! Then it's just a matter of getting into a program. But if nothing else I will have my AA.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Biology Brochure

I'm famous! Ok well not really but I am on the front of the college brochure for the Biology department! Look Here Besides the fact that only half my face is showing and I'm sure no one recognizes me, I think only like 5 people even pick up the brochure. But hey it is kind of fun!!!

Friday, January 1, 2010


Carter, Rochelle, Chauntel, and Mom all hanging out for the boys 2nd Birthday party

I realize now looking at the cakes that they weren't that awesome but I guess all that matters is that the boys liked it. Especially when uncle Ryan told them to take a bit and they both stuck their faces in them and came out with messy faces. And the cars were pretty cool too!

The Christmas Ads

Gavin intently looking at the toys ads before Christmas saying, "I wan dat!" and "ooh!".

I loved this because it was funny to see them really looking through the pages pointing things out and saying that they wanted them or tell me who they recognized like Cars or Spiderman.