Wednesday, May 21, 2008

5 MoNtHs & GUeSS wHaT We CaN Do!

We can hold our heads up, and make eye contact with others!

We Have found our hand and suck on our thumbs all day long!

We can now eat cereal andn we tried Peaches today(that taste will take some getting used too) but we love our food in what ever form it come in.

We love to be outside and we swing and slide(with mom's help of coarse) we also go on walks when it is warm and not too windy!

We have turned over but Gavin is pro and does it from back to stomach! We also sleep through the night so mom can have a rest!

We love our toys!

Especially so we can see what is going on! We are going up so fast and it is fun to look back at all the things we have learned to do!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Monday, May 12, 2008

1st CeReAL FeEdiNG

Babies first bit, so what is the verdict? Do they love it or hate it?

Gavin loved the Cereal he ate it like a champ! It was fun to feed them something other than milk.

Tristin absolutely hated eating the cereal, It's funny I got kind of nervous right before I actually feed them wondering if they would like and eat it. So when I put a small spoonful in Tristin's mouth I was sad that he immediately started crying with the cereal just pouring back out f his mouth. He was very upset by the fact that I would put something in his mouth and then take it out(the spoon) even though he had the cereal in his mouth he hated it. I tried 2 more time and it always produced the same wailing cry of dissatisfaction! But at least one of them liked it right! Tristin will come around sooner or later, but he really does know what he wants and what he doesn't.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008


The babies actually spend a lot of time on the computer, they are going to be computer geniuses and become rich and take care of their mother. Wishful thinking I know!

I recently started keeping the babies unwrapped when they sleep it took a couple of days for them to really get used to it but Gavin loved it. Now they both love it and they actually touch when they sleep which is good except when they start waking up and kick or hit the other one and they wake up screaming, but it will just make them tougher, right!?

I am having a harder time keeping the babies from getting distracted when they eat, I am now determined to start with solids and formula because nursing just isn't working. Gavin a couple of time falls asleep while I am feeding him, so when I prop him up so I can burp them I look over and Gavin is fighting falling asleep sitting up. I'm not sure if I think its cute because he is sitting up or just because he is my kid and well lets not lie I do think they are the cutest twin boys ever!!!