Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Yesterday I was invited to go golfing, I have never been before, I think I have hit at the driving range once with my dad many years ago. But it was really fun! The guy we went with worked there and so we got to go for free. which is good since I was learning. But apparently not good because if people behind you think you are going too slow there get mad and complain to the Manager and so then you have to skip holes and get really rushed. Anyways it was nice to get out and do something active and fun. I am thankful that mom was willing to watch the boys.
Oh yeah, Gavin has finally caught up and rolled over twice yesterday. I was very excited, I realize that you aren't as excited the second time even though it really is the first time, if that makes any sense. But still exciting!!!

Monday, April 21, 2008

NeW ToYs & 4 MoNThS oLd

Excuse Gavin showing off his diaper. Something I never thought I would say but I guess we need to be more careful when the "dress" slides up!!!!

This toys is perfect for Tristin he loves to kick and when he kicks the blue pad the toys on top spin. Gavin just gets really scared everytime the toys spin so he doesn't like it as much.

This toys is totally for Gavin he loves to reach for things, like yesterday when he was reaching for my hair! Already! Really! And it's short, I am doomed!

We where storing these toys at Aron but decided it was time for them to be used, they love them for the most part, anything that makes noise Gavin's eyes just get big and he acts all startled! Tristin is still trying to figure out why I'm leaving him to play instead of showering him with my attention all the time so he seems to get bored after only a short amount of time. I assume that he will get better at it, if not I guess he is just my baby that demands more attention although I know that isn't true at all. They are both such hams and love to get others to smile at them they could do this for at least the whole day!!! Tristin especially loves to just look at people till they notice him smiling at them sometime it takes people a while but he preservers and usually is still smiling and holding eye contact when they notice him. Sometimes the person gets distracted but Tristin is still grinning waiting till they look back. He talks constantly, he wakes up talking and even takes breaks from eating just to say something, then goes right back to eating. Gavin is just so on edge all the time but when he is tired it gets really funny he either gets giddy and laughs really hard or he gets scared and starts to cry. The other day Gavin was so tired and my mom was holding him, all of a sudden Grandpa sneezed one of him nice loud sneezes and Gavin bless his scared little soul started to cry. It happened a few more times producing more cries and tears. It was pretty funny!!!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Thanks Aunt Chauntel for the awesome ties they where the talk of church on Sunday!!!

So I forgot to mention that 2 Sundays ago Tristin rolled over!!! I was so excited but he hasn't done it since;-(

They are getting so much better at tummy time they hardly even cry

So every Sunday I get really frustrated because I am trying to keep the kids on a schedule but they never want to help me out and wake up at the time that I plan for them to wake up. It just is to hard to plan Sundays! I just do what ever works best like last Sunday we just showed up in time for Sunday school! We might get better we might get worse we will just have to see.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Thumb sucker and nail cutting

Mom pulled out the glass and decided that Gavin needed his finger nails cut. She ended up making him so mad he wouldn't calm down afterward, then she turns to me and gives him to me as if I wanted her to cut his nails and piss him off. I just told her if she wants to piss him off she can take care of him. Luv u Mom!

Tristin and Gavin have found their hand and all they want to do is suck on them. So Tristin has perfected the thumb sucking, which makes me sad, I really don't want him to be a thumb sucker. But it could keep him entertained for hours I'm sure.