Monday, February 22, 2010

seven pairs

Tristin like to wear all the pairs of underwear that came in the package, so he puts all seven on and looks like he is waddling around.

Of course he thinks this cool to have ALL of them on. We haven't tried to potty train too much but Tristin seems to be into it more then Gavin who won't even sit on the toilet!

Tristin took this lovely picture! (I thought he was shooting lower so I ducted down, little did I know he probably would have had it just right, oops! It kind of makes me look like the queens head from THE MAD HATTER!)

I gave a talk yesterday on Testimony's. It was a good experience I felt good about it and I never really got too nervous. All in all I think it went well except I called my seminary teacher by the wrong name. But no big deal!!! The boys saw me walk up to the stage before church and they started to cry but they did well. I just sat up front laughing it was nice to sit up front where I could hear and see everyone. I told a friend that you know you didn't do well when you start to walk down after your talk and no one will look you in the eye. I guess people either felt bad for me and so they took pitty and told me I did well or I just might have actually done well, what ever the case it is done and I am happy. I had a busy weekend so this week should be better.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Another out with the old and in with the new...

Sweater! I took a hand-me-down sweater and used some scrap material to make a "new" sweater! I also made a scarf from some knit fabric it was way too much work, but that could be because I had no cutting board to use and the sewing machine sucked!!! All in all I think they both turned out good and I am happy! I have one more project but it might have to wait because I have several more important things I should be doing but don't really want to do, like writing a talk for next Sunday, and study for my entrance exam for the Nursing program, or taking care of my kids, or doing some school projects, or having a life. The last one I don't mind doing it's just not really easy. But I am going to a dance tomorrow night and so I feel I am doing my part in getting at least a little bit of a life!!! The part I don't want to do is have to dance with the awkward boys who are all going to be there and might ask me to dance. Because of course the really awesome guys will be on dates with their girlfriends for Valentine's day!!! =)

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

out with the old and in with the new...


I'm taking the boys beloved blankets and putting them in their baby boxes. So yesterday we went to the fabric store and they picked out fabric and I made them big blankets. I couldn't get them to sleep with the blankets last night but they want to carry them with them during the day. Hopefully this goes over well. It's kind of like taking a pacifier away from babies. They are so attached to there old blankets, they are so worn out and getting tattered it is gross. I love the monster and polka dots blanket, but I also like the Fire engine and skulls blanket it's kind of a good fit if you think about it(ok gross I know!) I just wanted one to have skulls and so... =)!