Saturday, December 19, 2009

Power Wheels and a Happy 2nd Birthday

Gavin on his new quad! He drive's me crazy cause he can't just push the button and go he has to push and let go over and over so he never gets anywhere, Frustrating!!!

Tristin is a natural and he even can even ride it standing on the seat, although it isn't encouraged!

I think that the video below explains just how excited they were and although they didn't almost pass out or scream outrageously it was still fun to see their faces when they saw them for the first time! Pure joy of a child! Almost made me cry, yes I said almost!!!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Rocker Babies Wear Jeans

I found this book the other day when we went to the library and I thought it was really cute just thought I would share! Below are just a few of the pages in the book. Really cute! It's called Rocker Babies Wear Jeans.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

two years ago...

Tristin is wide awake and Gavin is snuggled in for a nap!

Chauntel and the Boys 5 days after they were born

Rochelle with both babies on her lap. Blue is Gavin and red was Tristin
The littlest santa's, and not very happy about it

Big and uncomfortable and just big. My hospital experience was very interesting I think every one can say that but I will never forget the strange looks we got from nurses as the guys tried to make me laugh!

In the hospital, I was still trying to figure out who was who and which one I had just fed, Baby A or Baby B!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmas cookies! YUM!

Tristin with a little flour on his nose and eating some more dough

Gavin making a bell cookie!

Yeah for Grandpa and his never ending appetite for goodies!

What a great FHE every one is so happy...or Frustrated!

So Grandpa had the great idea of making some sugar cookie Sunday night. But we actually ended up eating half the dough, what's new! We didn't even get to making the cookies till Monday night for FHE. It was fun and frustrating to have two 2 year old help.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Let it snow!

It snowed on Saturday and I say LET IT SNOW. I am finally done with school which means I really don't have to be anywhere driving in the nasty stuff so bring it on. Tristin really wanted to go outside to play in the the snow I kind of had to force all of Gavins winter clothes on and make him go out but once he was outside he was ok at least for a little while. He really is his mothers kid I hate the cold too.
I can't believe it snowed in Texas before it snowed here!
I finished with my classes and got two A's in Sociology and Native American History classes and a B in my A&P class. I'm pretty satisfied! Now on to better things like Birthdays and Christmas. The boys turn two nest Saturday on the 19th! I can't believe it is so close and I really can't believe it has been 2 years already. I wish they were still my little baby's even though this age really is fun! Actually who am I kidding I almost died when they were baby's and I am so glad they are older and more self reliant.
I will try to post some baby pictures in the next week just to reminisce a little about the good old days.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

hair cuts


I gave the boys a hair cut the other day. It isn't how I wanted it but I guess anything is better then how it looked before. Tristin and Gavin can't rock the long hair look very well because they just look like miscreants or deprived children. I can't handle it so I just buzzed it! It's hard to think they look cute when we go to Wally world and Gavin's hair won't lay down and he is screaming at the top of his lungs. If they didn't have cameras in there I would probably leave him screaming in the middle of the isle and pretend I don't know who's devilish little child he is.

Thanksgiving is almost here, one more month till the boys turn two and Christmas will be here way too soon. I have three more weeks of school which seems to be my priority right now. I did get to go to Portland this last week end with out the boys which was a first in a very long time that I have been away from them for more then 24 hours. I missed them a lot, but it was good to have a break and do some fun stuff. I enjoyed it but it is good to be home!!! And more tired then before I left.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Trick or Treating

Everyone dressed up this year even dad(who is taking the picture).
I have to say I wasn't very excited about it, Unlike some of my other sisters who love this holiday
I don't really care for it. This was better then other years just because the kids had so much fun!

I had been able to dress Gavin up a couple of times before but
for some reason when I went to
put it on him for real he was very upset and was kicking and screaming!

I decided to use the wagon but it turned out to be a horrible idea, me and my ideas!
This was the norm for last night Tristin who was Spidey was
very quiet and chill, and Gavin was Batman and he just wanted to eat the candy and didn't really care much about going to the next house.

There is a definite learning curve when it comes to trick or treating. Gavin picked up the saying very quick, but then he would do things like try to get into peoples houses to pet their dog or keep asking for more, or trying to take more then one when they let you choose. Tristin was quiet and wouldn't even say "trick-or-treat" and couldn't figure out how to open up his bag to get the candy in. Over all it was fun but very tiring.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Cheezy smiles and crafts

Tristin's Smile
Gavin's Smile

The boys gave me the cheeziest smiles today although it took a few tries, the other pictures of them stickin' their fingers in their nose(Tristin) or not lookin' at me(Gavin) I'd say "look at mommy and smile" and he would smile and look down.

These seasonal blocks we did at our Super Tuesday activity last night for Relief Society. I got the blocks before hand to paint, and mine needed to be sanded down so Mom, Dad and I all sat around Monday night and sanded them by hand(some sanding more than others, and some demanding more blocks too paint while the other two sanded with all our hearts obviously not sanding fast enough!) (love ya Mom and Dad)!!! I still need to add some stuff to it. I just wish I had my own home to put them up in! Mom's graciously letting me use her hearth till that day!

Monday, October 12, 2009


Tristin loves the skateboard, but he fell off the board and hit his chin on the bench in the kitchen. A little blood never hurt anyone, right!

Marcel gave us a mini skateboard but then we had to have a second one because regardless of what anyone else says you do need two of everthing for twins!

My little guys getting ready to go out in the freezing weather to do a little boarding, it wasn't really that cold but I was cold so therefore they had to be cold!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Football and haircut

It is cold with some sprinkles today =( But the boys played some football in the front yard today with Carson and the next door neighbor Matty. It was really funny to watch them tackle each other. I didn't get any good pictures of them.
I also got my hair done today! I has been way to long since my last hair color (just before I got prego). I have decided to grow my hair out although I actually like it short. I can't explain how much better I feel having it colored and cut today I feel great. It is amazin' what gettin' your hair did can do for a person!!! =)

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

We went to the fair and saw the animals, they kept saying "lion" I'm not sure if they wanted to see a lion or if it was just a word that meant Animals?!

Gavin finally got to the point where he won't let me feed him his oatmeal anymore so the boys get to do it all by them selves! Messy, but they are big boys now.

Tristin is lazy enough to let me feed him for the rest of his life, he only takes a couple bits now that he get to do it himself and them he is "done"

We got stickers in the mail and Gavin wanted them all over his face. Very nice I think it suits him.
The daycare kids are here and the boys l.o.v.e it! They wake up to kids and play so hard that they are ready for naps earlier then usual. I am ready for school to start, but I am glad I am here to help mom with the new baby.
The new Hunger Games book came out this week, Catching Fire! I forgot but luckily I was on the phone with Bailey who reminded me and I just happened to be at Wal-mart! It is pretty good so far...I won't ruin it for you but it's good! Too bad it isn't bigger!!!

lost camera

Ok so we got a new computer and somehow with all the mess the camera has gone missing! I have some pictures but will have to post them if we ever find the darn thing.

Last night it was pretty warm out and so me and the boys and mom where enjoying it while the boys where running around naked in the backyard getting in and out of the pool Tristin decided to go down the slide! As you can imagine that doesn't work to well when you have a naked bum. So I told him to get some water and put it on the slide then go down. Next thing I know we look over and Tristin is peeing on the slide(so smart that kid I tell you I don't know where he gets it from!!!) and then goes down. That kids shot off that slide about 3 feet and landed on his bare bum. The next 10 min. was me pouring water on the slide while the boys rocketed off the slide. When we where done there back sides where so red and had grass in the there cracks!!! Mom and I where laughing our heads off! We tried to let dad enjoy it with us but he didn't seem to think it as funny as we did, maybe you just had to be there!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

family pictures!

Finally a great family picture, it is hard to get one with both boys that looks good. Thank you Bailey for always being willing to try. And also thanks to Alexis, Camden and Meghan(for the music)who helped my kids look straight ahead and even smile a little!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

brotherly luv

They boys where playing really cute today and I just happened to catch it on camera!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Summer stories

So I have 2 1/2 more weeks of summer school! The summer is almost over, and I feel like all I do is sit around the house. I recently had an Epiphany and realize that I need to get out more. There's more to it than that really but that is my conclusion. Don't you hate it when you look forward to the goal that is months away and seem to forget the small everyday things.
Recently just before bed my kids start to get a little hyper. In these moments they seem to really laugh at anything like Tristin for instance will start laughing when Gavin very seriously and with much concentration takes Tristin from behind around his neck and take him down, even occasionally straddling him and sitting on him. I'm not sure what is so funny but it makes him laugh and it is pretty funny to watch. Until someone gets hurt because the other one pushes the other down, then I watch as they kiss each other and most recently Gavin will go give Tristin a hug and Tristin will hug back!!!
It has been 100 degrees or hotter recently and the boys have been eating Popsicle, I find them in the playhouse concentrating on their melting Popsicle and talking to each other, it's as if they are just enjoying each others company. I keep saying I can't wait till they can actually say words that make sense because they sure have a lot to say and sometime you have to wonder what they are thinkin'?!
Anyways just some stories to remember thought I would write them down, enjoy!

Friday, July 31, 2009

fun in the sun