Tuesday, May 25, 2010

How to train your Dragon

I took the boy to go see the movie How to train your Dragon. It was a really fun experience, but I realized just how tender they are. The first part of the movie is all action, Dragons attacking the Vikings and the Vikings fighting the Dragons. The first 15 min both boys were on my lap whining that they wanted to go home, Tristin had his head buried into Gavin's shoulder. But then after a bit they both moved to their own seats and were eating popcorn and "RRRRRRRRoaring" at me!!! So I found these backpacks at Walmart for $10 that come with wings and a hood. They kept wanting to wear my backpacks and saying "shool" so these will be good for church or outings for the summer or traveling!!!
I'm really excited to start traveling! I have big plan...which of course won't happen but if it does I have it planned.

Ok so my big news for now is that I got a calling to be the "Teachings for our times" Relief Society teacher. I had my first lesson this last Sunday on Mothers and Daughter By Elder Ballard from last conference. I think it went well but it is a starting point and now I know what needs to be improved and what went well. I am really excited to have this experience. I am glad to have this responsibility to teach the sisters in my ward.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

getting back and into the swing of things

I had to go to Denver this last week to do basic training for the airport job. I am very excited to be working for Skywest, although I just keep telling myself I should had this job before I had kids! I could have flown all over the place but now I have to be a little bit more reserved in that aspect.
I had a blast going to training. I'm not going to lie I was very happy to have a mini vacation. I missed the boys terrible but I tried not to think about it too much or I started to get sad and teary. My parents were great to watch them while I was gone and it was much appreciated!

I met lots of great people and I had so much fun planning a trip to downtown Denver for a bunch of us. I liked going downtown it was very fun, until the drunk homeless guy started following me and none of the guys I was with did anything about it. I finally just ran ahead into a Walgreens so he would go away!!!
Our trainer found tickets for the Nuggets/Jazz playoff game so I was able to go to that for like $12. We had a great time, I even got a great picture of these Nuggets fans that sat right in front of us that were sharing all their assets to us. I wish I had a way to get the video on here I'll see if I can share it with you all. I know you all want to see the awesome dancing!
I passed all my tests and I am starting work on Tuesday. Next time I go anywhere for training I think it will be Salt Lake City which is cool so I can see Jillian, Cody and Joseph.
I was really sick when I got there and had to do this test where you have to pick up different weighted bags and put them on these two different shelves and I almost passed out! I was so weak from being sick. The man doing the testing was telling me that I need to get into shape!!! LOL! Probably true but I also think if I can pick up two 30 lbs boys at the same time I can probably handle this. But there really are some heavy bags that worries me!
I can't tell you how fun it was for me. We got a check on the 1st day for our meals that ended up being $175. It was fun to eat out which I hardly ever do. Over all it was a great experience but a week is perfect just enough time to get away!
I really had this grand Picture of me coming into the boys room this morning and they were going to be so excited and give great big hugs and kiss me and say "MOMMY"! Yeah right. My kids were glad to see me but it didn't quit happen like that. It was more like "hi mom" and then a bunch of other stuff and that was it, a bit of a let down, but it was nice to be back!!!!