Saturday, June 20, 2009

aqua tropics

These 2 tortoises roam around the store, I'm not sure if the girls where scarred.
Kamden holding one of the cute kitties, she was so good with them.

Kara has her own kitty already so she is a pro at handling them, although I'm not sure the kitties liked it to much!

There were some kitten's hiding in the hole and Gavin just kept trying to get them out, I'm surprised he didn't get a good scratch.

Tristin trying to give the kitten's kisses!

Dad came up with a good idea to take the grand kids to the pet store, Aqua Tropics! The kids loved the kitten so much and it was fun to see them so happy. They don't really let you hold the dogs for health reason. I was a little sad I wish the boys could have been able to hold the puppies. But the cats were cool, and the tortoises.

I realize every time I take pictures that I never have any good one's of Gavin so Tristin get more pictures posted just cause he sits still a little bit better then Gavin who seems to always be moving.

It was a good start to the summer!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

count down

So I wanted to do a count down for some things that are coming up and then all of a sudden everything is passed and I only have one thing on my list. Which is good but everything is going by so fast and I feel so wrapped up in school and just getting by that I am sorry to say that I am really stressed out! Well here are a few things that have happened lately...

1) Finals and passing my classes
2) Twins in nursery (they actually turn 18 months on Friday but I took them in early!)
3) Summer here, which means no more daycare!
4) Bailey's baby born(Maddox!)
5) summer financial aid for school!!!

Some things still in the future...

1) Last A&P final on Wednesday
2) Jillian have baby!
3) live and breath
4) start my summer Chemistry class
5) Mom and Dad leave (I only add this because I know that they need it and also because that means I am done with school)

Ok so while I am at it some things that make me smile

1) Tristin's smile when he is about to do something that he doesn't want you to see!
2) Gavin getting down and a little funky to the music, whether in the car or at the park or even when there is no music at all.
3) my kids trying to have a "real" conversation with me even though they aren't saying anything coherent.
4) the little tushes on my kids when they walk around with no diaper.
5) getting a 90% or above on my Anatomy tests
6) the way that Tristin waddles around like he's trying not to fall over forwards.
7) the obsession that the boys have with dogs and tell me when they hear one bark somewhere in the neighborhood.
8) how proud Gavin gets with himself when I tell him good job for doing something like using a fork to eat. That smile is to die for!
9) the way they light up when I walk in the room after being gone at school all day.
10) how nice my kids can be to each other even when I'm not looking, bringing their cup to each other or kissing each other.

I could go on but I think it is plain that I do actually get a few smiles out when it comes to my kids.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

the gate was open...

I want to tell this story with out making others feel bad. So I hope I do an ok job at that. On Friday I really had a huge scare, I think it scared me more then I want to admit. I had rented Quantum of Solice(sp) on Thursday and didn't end up watching it till friday, since it was due before 9(so I didn't have to pay more) I was watching it with Dad while Mom was nice enough to take the kids out back so that they wheren't being to loud. A couple of time the boys would come up to the back door and peer in at me and then they where off to play. At some point I realize that it had been a while since I had seen them but thought nothing of it. A few minutes later Mom comes in saying "The boys are gone and the gate was open!" I hate moments like that because my initial reaction is always they must be kidding. (kind of like "do you want to know what your having? Twins!" oh they must be joking!!! Kind of like that) But sure enough I went out and they where gone! On the side of the house where the gate is at is the main road in the neighborhood and since there is really only one way that me and the boys go I yelled at dad who had shoes on the go down that way to see if they where there, I went the opposite way until I heard them say they had found them. When I finally got to them(I am actually laughing as I write this just remembering) they where so proud of themselves and thought it was so funny! I was so mad and I look over and there was this car of ladies who had been following them down the street watching over them. I was releaved that it wasn't some creepy person who wanted to take them. So I freaked out for a moment but realize now that the lord was looking out for them, my little adventurers!!!