Tuesday, September 1, 2009

We went to the fair and saw the animals, they kept saying "lion" I'm not sure if they wanted to see a lion or if it was just a word that meant Animals?!

Gavin finally got to the point where he won't let me feed him his oatmeal anymore so the boys get to do it all by them selves! Messy, but they are big boys now.

Tristin is lazy enough to let me feed him for the rest of his life, he only takes a couple bits now that he get to do it himself and them he is "done"

We got stickers in the mail and Gavin wanted them all over his face. Very nice I think it suits him.
The daycare kids are here and the boys l.o.v.e it! They wake up to kids and play so hard that they are ready for naps earlier then usual. I am ready for school to start, but I am glad I am here to help mom with the new baby.
The new Hunger Games book came out this week, Catching Fire! I forgot but luckily I was on the phone with Bailey who reminded me and I just happened to be at Wal-mart! It is pretty good so far...I won't ruin it for you but it's good! Too bad it isn't bigger!!!

lost camera

Ok so we got a new computer and somehow with all the mess the camera has gone missing! I have some pictures but will have to post them if we ever find the darn thing.

Last night it was pretty warm out and so me and the boys and mom where enjoying it while the boys where running around naked in the backyard getting in and out of the pool Tristin decided to go down the slide! As you can imagine that doesn't work to well when you have a naked bum. So I told him to get some water and put it on the slide then go down. Next thing I know we look over and Tristin is peeing on the slide(so smart that kid I tell you I don't know where he gets it from!!!) and then goes down. That kids shot off that slide about 3 feet and landed on his bare bum. The next 10 min. was me pouring water on the slide while the boys rocketed off the slide. When we where done there back sides where so red and had grass in the there cracks!!! Mom and I where laughing our heads off! We tried to let dad enjoy it with us but he didn't seem to think it as funny as we did, maybe you just had to be there!