Monday, March 31, 2008

Birthdays and gifts

26, and counting! The Mud Pie was great!

Today the boys wore there church outfits that barely fit they are so big, but they look like big boys.

So on Saturday and Sunday I have been looking at strollers wondering if or when I was ever going to get one. Then yesterday I got a call from a girl in my ward who said that she bought a stroller off of CraigsList and that she wasn't going to need it anymore, at least not anytime soon and asked if I wanted it. So today she brought it by and it looks like it is brand new. It is a Peg Perego which is a really good brand! The first owner only used it like 4 times and then it hadn't been used since. I am so happy to finally get a stroller I don't even care that it was a side-by-side which I really didn't want but hey it was free and it is a good one that can be used for a really long time!!! I love gifts! I also had a great birthday, it was a very special day.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

video of Tristin

It was morning and Tristin was happy and really talking to mom, So I got out the camera. I thought it was cute!

hAiR CuT

I got my hair cut today for my birthday, it is still pretty brown but there are some highlights in there! Daya did it and I think that it turned out very good. I love it, love it! I think that it will be good for summer.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Last night we had a slipper party, which consisted of the twins wearing their slippers and me taking pictures. They also slept last night without being wrapped up in their blankets I just laid them down and put their blankets over them. They really like being wrapped up tight to sleep. So at about 12:30, 1:30 and then 3:30 they woke up. Before last night I was able to wrap them up and put them to bed and it was guaranteed that they would sleep till at least 3am. So I had to go in and put their pacifiers in their mouths and make them sleep a little longer. I want them to not depend on being wrapped up to be able to go to sleep. They are three months tomorrow so I decided that it was time to let them move more. So I suffer by not getting enough sleep but I hope in the long run the boys will be good sleepers in any situation;-)

Friday, March 14, 2008

tummy time and sitting up

The boys are watching T.V. Gavin loves it and Tristin is sometimes interested. Mom says that they are modern babies. But until I can tell them to "go play" it works!
Gavin is doing really well at holding his head up.

Tristin kept falling over so my hand was there to catch him if he fell.

They look like big boys sitting up, they even sat like that for a long time together and loved it.



Monday, March 10, 2008

fUnNy FaCEs!

I love how sometimes when they lay next to each other they lock arms or hold hand even if just for a moment, and of course they don't really know what they are doing!!!

I moved them so that there heads where touching and I got a better response while taking their pictures, Gavin was cracking me up with his facial expressions. (Gavin left, Tristin right)

It seems that I hardly ever get pictures with me and the babies since I am always the one taking the pictures. Does anyone else notice this problem!

Our friend Lura Akerman bought the boys matching pajamas which we almost forgot about since some of there stuff is hanging up in their closet and I almost never go in there. But we did and little photo shoot in the morning when they where happy and this was the best picture. Even though they have been smiling for a couple of weeks it is hard to get Gavin to smile for the camera. But he is starting to smile a lot, which is good even though he is just as fussy as he is smiley happy. I think I hold them to much. I know I spoil them!!! But I started doing the Baby Wise method of eating, awake time, and sleep time and so far I love it because I know when they are hungry, tired and when they just need to be changed so on...
I realize that there are just a lot of pictures when I post, I hope that it is ok. I should post more often but even though I get some things done while the boys are sleeping I can't find time to post. I did get a little break today while their Dad Aron watched them for a couple of hours. It is nice to have a break where you know you don't have to do anything but what you need to do, so I thank Aron whenever I can get him watch the boys. Things have really improved since the first month and I wonder know what I thought was so hard back then! But I realize that things are always changing and we are always trying new things to make life easier. I took the boys to Wal-mart for the first time of Saturday and everyone was like "how do you do it, I can barely do it with one" I can honestly say I have no idea how I do it but it is with the help of good people that I don't go completely insane. Thank you to Mom, Dad, Rochelle, Ryan, Alexis, Tre, Kim, Aron, Jillian, Kamden, Cole, and even Carter and Kara, some of the branch kids and some people from church. I realize that I am blessed to have such great people to help and others who would help if they could.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

smiles and sleep!

I wish that I could capture Tristin's face on camera. His whole face lights up but I like this picture it is pretty close.

I was really happy to find that I caught Gavin's smile on camera his smiles are like lightning, super fast!

We all fell asleep but at this point mom made me pretend to be asleep because I had already woken up, so I think I am a pretty good fake sleeper! What do you think?

I just really like Kara's face, and Gavin looks scared!

I love to sleep and it is hard to remember two months ago when I wasn't sleeping at night because my big belly and kicks where keeping me awake all night. I went out this last week to buy new jeans so I had at least one pair of pants that fit but unfortunately I bought a pair only to realize that I wished I had bought one size smaller, you still can't tell I have a butt in the new jeans and I already washed them so I can't take them back. Oh well, I think that there will be warm weather soon and I can start wearing my shorts which is ok with me. I love the warmer weather. Me and the boys go for walks which they like. It puts them to sleep, but I definitely need a bigger stroller then the single stroller Kim let me borrow.
I think that I am going to have to start putting the boys in separate cribs soon Tristin and Gavin like to wiggle and I think soon they will be rolling into each other. So I have the second crib set up just in case that day comes soon. I want them to sleep with each other for as long as they can but I don't want them to be bother each other. They got new soft blankets so I hope that they like them. I tried to use them last night but they still like being wrapped up at night so using the soft blankets don't work because it unwraps to easily and makes them wake up easier.
On Wednesday the boys will be 2 1/2 months old!!!! Growing up so fast! j/k!