Friday, October 24, 2008


Gavin has been so funny lately that I just had to share. There is this toy we got from Rochelle's family and it plays fun upbeat versions of "nick nack patty whack", "B.I.N.G.O." and "Mamma's gonna buy you a.." Gavin loves it! This is a mild understatement of love, he will dance to the music for very long periods of time. At first it was just kind of bouncing up and down, But has recently turned into this kind of shaking, rocking and bouncing. The video speaks for it's self, and he didn't stop for a long time he just kept right on dancing his own dance moves.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Poop Poop Poop!

Every feel like your kid poops a lot, well...this morning I hear my kids at 6:45am. This is a little early by about an hour. So I go in and Tristin is crying pretty hard. I didn't want to get them up quit yet so I didn't turn on the lights, with hope that I could pop the paci back in their mouths and go to sleep for a bit more. I walked to Tristin first and saw he was laying down so I put my hand down to him to pat his back and I got bare bottom? Weird, where was his diaper, then it hit me I didn't put pajama pant on then last night and since Tristin wakes up each morning with a poopy diaper it could only mean one thing. I turned on the light, and yep there it was smeared all over in his hair, on his face, all over his legs. Poop Poop Poop! so I have to quick put him in the bath, right, well, Gavin is screaming his head off and no one to help in sight. Crazy morning!!! My kids are poop machines I kind of feel like all I do is change poopy diapers.
I thought about taking a picture but I'm sure we all can imagine what smeared poop looks like or we've seen it in action before. Plus it was a little too crazy to get to the camera.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Gavin walking video


Vampire tooth Gavin!

The look on Tristin's Face was priceless

Gavin loved the ride, thanks Cole for the fun ride

Tristin finally found out how to open the cabinet doors in the kitchen, time to baby proof.

While Bailey and Kooper where in town we went to Country mercantile to pick out pumpkins, petting zoo and kid maze and hay pyramid.

top 10 Things I can't live without!

1) I can't live with out my kids, Tristin and Gavin. Although they drive me nuts because they wont eat sometimes, and they are so different I can't get them to do the same thing which would make life easier! I love them and don't really remember what my life was like before them. I hate leaving them to go to school everyday and can't wait to get home to see them.

2) I can't live with out the gospel, I love going to church. Even though right now I feel I miss more then I actually get while there. What I do get out of it is my life and has made me who I am.

3) I can't live without learning, I go insane when I am not able to learn. Right now I am in School but when not in school I love to read and watch discovery channel.

4) I can't live with out food, especially the good stuff, dessert!!! I love baking stuff but am just as happy with something off the grocery shelves. Couple of years ago I would have said Restaurants or fast food, but I realize now I CAN live with out eating out!

5) Mascara, I can skip on any other make-up but with out Mascara I feel Naked and look pretty weird.

6) DVR, how did I survive without it. I can record like 20 shows through out the week and then on the weekends I am so glad to have something to watch. Even if it is mildly amusing I will record it.

7) My Family, Which I guess should be a lot higher on the list. I love Sunday dinners when Kim's, Rochelle's and Jillian's Families all come over. I wish we all lived closer so Chauntel's and Bailey's Families could come too. My family are the greatest family ever I could not live with out all that they do for me. I am blessed with special parents and loving Sisters!

8) Running water, could you imagine having water hauled in and only once a week. witch bring me to my perfume. I know what it used to be used for(not taking bath everyday makes you stinky, so I heard!) I could not live with out a good smelling perfume, Princess by Vera Wang is my fav.

9) Electricity, If I couldn't blow dry my hair of use a straight iron I would look, well like everyone else because they wouldn't have electricity either! No computer, light, T.V. or heat!!!

10) a place to sleep with a roof over my head. Thanks to my parents I have this other wise I would be out on my butt.

I forgot to tag someone must write your top 10 things you can't live with out!
Rochelle, Mom, Jillian, Chauntel, Venessa(you better do it!)

Monday, October 6, 2008


Ok, so you don't think that I am a complete idiot I want to admit that I did my tag wrong. I realized ONLY after reading Chauntel's Blog that I had misinterpreted the meaning of 4th file. So instead of posting my 4th photo file, I instead read it to mean my 4th blog file. Well I guess while I am admitting this I might add that this is a completely weird tag since my photos aren't numbered 1, 2, 3...and I actually am not sure which one is my 4th file but ok I am willing to go with it and say that I have no photo file therefore I have no 4th photo file or 4th photo in that file. So sorry to bust the Tag!!! Sorry for the misunderstanding, maybe being in school has actually fried my brain instead of getting rid of the cob webs that where forming from not being used to it's best ability. LoVe aNd KiSSes!!!

Thursday, October 2, 2008


I finally started school, I have never been anywhere that is so diverse in age. There are so many younger than me and sooo many older than me in all of my classes. There is smoking, cussing, and even a little protesting(dress nice and walk around by yourself yelling insanities)Nothing will ever compare to my sheltered life on the BYU-Idaho campus. For those who don't know, there is no cussing, not even the immodest dress, which includes Flip flops, yeah I said flip flops are not allowed on campus, We said prayers in class and talked about how each different subject could relate to the Gospel. In contrast to that my teachers slam presidential candidates, cuss about this or that, and... there is no relating to any kind of gospel.
I am taking 13 credits. Developmental psychology, Speech, and Bio 100. I am so excited to be in class and learning again, it is good. I am busy and just came down with a cold along with the boys. so things are a little crazy, but everyone needs a little crazy! Right?!
The boys are 9 1/2 months now and teething like crazy, let me tell you when you have two it makes for some impressive stereo crying. They are still fun and are so cute together. I notice a little competitiveness in both of them. They both want on Mom's lap, they both want the same toy and play an interesting game of tug-of-war, they both want Grandpas food... You get the picture.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


I have been tagged, the Idea is to post AGAIN the fourth post that you posted. No cheating! I have to admit I was tempted!!! I will tag Vanessa, everyone else has been tagged already!

Baby Shower

Sister Akerman through a perfect baby shower last night. She is such a great lady, and there wasn't too much attention thrown on me! Which I was glad about I hate that kind of attention. The people who came where great people that have been there for me in the past and since I've been home from school. I was glad that Mom, Rochelle and Kim where able to come I just wish that Bailey, Chauntel and Jillian could have been there too. But they are all great support and where there in spirit! I got some great gift especially the Diapers and wipes!, But my favorite thing was the Santa outfits from Sister Newbury. The boys will look great in them!