Thursday, October 16, 2008

top 10 Things I can't live without!

1) I can't live with out my kids, Tristin and Gavin. Although they drive me nuts because they wont eat sometimes, and they are so different I can't get them to do the same thing which would make life easier! I love them and don't really remember what my life was like before them. I hate leaving them to go to school everyday and can't wait to get home to see them.

2) I can't live with out the gospel, I love going to church. Even though right now I feel I miss more then I actually get while there. What I do get out of it is my life and has made me who I am.

3) I can't live without learning, I go insane when I am not able to learn. Right now I am in School but when not in school I love to read and watch discovery channel.

4) I can't live with out food, especially the good stuff, dessert!!! I love baking stuff but am just as happy with something off the grocery shelves. Couple of years ago I would have said Restaurants or fast food, but I realize now I CAN live with out eating out!

5) Mascara, I can skip on any other make-up but with out Mascara I feel Naked and look pretty weird.

6) DVR, how did I survive without it. I can record like 20 shows through out the week and then on the weekends I am so glad to have something to watch. Even if it is mildly amusing I will record it.

7) My Family, Which I guess should be a lot higher on the list. I love Sunday dinners when Kim's, Rochelle's and Jillian's Families all come over. I wish we all lived closer so Chauntel's and Bailey's Families could come too. My family are the greatest family ever I could not live with out all that they do for me. I am blessed with special parents and loving Sisters!

8) Running water, could you imagine having water hauled in and only once a week. witch bring me to my perfume. I know what it used to be used for(not taking bath everyday makes you stinky, so I heard!) I could not live with out a good smelling perfume, Princess by Vera Wang is my fav.

9) Electricity, If I couldn't blow dry my hair of use a straight iron I would look, well like everyone else because they wouldn't have electricity either! No computer, light, T.V. or heat!!!

10) a place to sleep with a roof over my head. Thanks to my parents I have this other wise I would be out on my butt.

I forgot to tag someone must write your top 10 things you can't live with out!
Rochelle, Mom, Jillian, Chauntel, Venessa(you better do it!)


Bailey said...

You forgot to tag someone. I didnt tag everyone so you would have people to tag. Mine were all so much more vain than yours way to make me feel bad.