Wednesday, May 27, 2009

another hair cut?!

Gavin got himself stuck and instead of helping him I took a picture.

Tristin was dancing in this picture and was happy, which lately hasn't been a whole lot.

Gavin's Mohawk

Tristin's Mohawk

It has gotten a lot warmer and we are so happy. We ran through the sprinklers the other day and I also took them to the water spray park by the library they seem to like water ok. I also gave them their summer hair cuts, who knows how long they will last but for now it is fun. Every time we go out all the young kids about 7-12 years old tell me they like their haircuts which is really funny!

So my kids are obsessed with DOGS, or to them it's "dugdug". When ever we are out side and a dog barks Tristin lets me know he heard the dog bark. If we go out somewhere and there is a dog they see it from a mile away and let me know they see it. At the park the other day we saw two little pugs and as soon as I let the boys out of there stroller to go play they went over to the dogs to try and kiss and love them. The guy who was the owner kept trying to stop his dogs from getting too excited and the boy where oblivious to anything but the dogs! I wish so bad that they could have there own dog but I guess it's better this way. They can still play with other dogs but I don't have to take care of one!!! I can see that my kids are going to love animals, one of their other first words is "Tiger".

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Yeah for A's

I had four test this last week, three just for A&P and one was a Mid Term for Medical Terminology. I took one today, the last one of the four, so I don't know for sure what I got but I feel really good about it. I got a 98% on my first test which was the Physiology part and 94% for the Anatomy part. YEAH ME! I am so excited! If I keep it up I just might get an A for A&P!