Sunday, September 21, 2008

teething biscuits...who thought these where a good idea?

Thursday, September 11, 2008

ThE end Of SuMmeR...StiLL WarM!!!

It was a long spring and then a hit and miss Summer. It is finally the end of summer and we are having great weather. The temp. is consistantly in the 80's and as the sun goes down it is at that perfect temp to just sit out side. The boys used their Mickey chairs the other day to sit and watch Grandpa mow the lawn. What big boys!!!
Tristin and Gavin are getting so big, they are even becoming really mean. On Sunday I swear Gavin pushed another little boy(who is older) as they where standing up to the glass door in the foyer. Then Gavin who loves to hit(he even hits himself repeatdly) had his arm around Tristin and was hitting him on the head. Although Tristin isn't a saint, He grabs Gavin's face and makes him cry! I hate having to be the one who is always telling them NO. They are still my little Angels who aren't ever going to do anything bad...Right!!! HA HA!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

quick story

On Friday I was giving the boys a bath, which all of a sudden Gavin hates. He will stand up to the edge and cry at me and reach for me to pick him up. Usually we haven't even gotten as far as splashing and having fun. And there he is wailing because taking a bath is the worst thing that he could be doing at that moment. So he was standing there wanting me to pick him up, I notice Tristin on him belly with his head blocked from me view by Gavin's naked body. I think to myself why is Tristin so close behind Gavin that I can't see his head, and he's been there for awhile. As I look I realize that Tristin is sucking on Gavin, on his Butt check!!! The End.