Thursday, February 26, 2009

Sunday Afternoon

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

warm days!!!

Tristin likes, no wait LOVES to take his shirt off!!

Gavin and Tristin figured out how to climb, they climb on the couch and its only a matter of time before they are climbing things like counter!

My love Bug, Tristin
My little laughing Bug, Gavin

They could only figure out how to backwards, but they where very determined to go forward, so for a inch gained 10 inches where lost going backwards.

Ok, warm is definitely a relative term. When I lived in Houston it was warm all through the winter and hot in spring, summer and fall. In Kennewick is it freezing in the winter, warm in the spring and fall and except for last summer, summers are hot! So when I say warm weather it means my kind of "warm" and might not mean the same to everyone.
It was warm out on Saturday so I took the boys outside to play(notice the Coats). Anyways they have gone out back one other time and the result of both of these time, is that one of the boys gets mad when we go inside. Go figure, we've been shut up inside for almost 5 months now and during that time they have learned to walk. I would want to stay outside all day too!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Mullets are...

Business and Play all in one! Short on top and long in the back. I personally like the way it looks, I have been growing the boys hair out so that we can put into action the plan of attack. My mom keeps asking what a mullet is!
Many of our favorite celebrities have had them, did you watch Full House? Saved by the Bell? Recognize these dudes?



So this is what the boys have the potential to become. I for one am getting really excited to see the finished product so that the boys can also receive there spot on Google images.

Just so you know there are many styles of mullets, even Midgimullets, Femimullets, Virginmullets, Skullmullet and some might say that this is child abuse but I assure you that it is not. More can be learned from Mullets 101 Power Point to receive your info today just give me your email and you can receive all the must needed info on Mullets!!!!

P.S. just a disclaimer I am not going for a long mullet just a sufficient one!