Monday, July 12, 2010

Dallas...beware of great snapshots and swimsuit shots!!!

Chauntel just hanging out with us girls! What a great hostess, she never let us starve(even went out of her way to take us to Chick-fil-a, thanks very much!) and took us to the best swimming pools that Mckinney had to offer.

Great picture of me and Bailey hanging out. It was fun having 3 sister together that are all from different states. I know I've mentioned it before but I love the new job that allows my parents, my kids and me to fly for free.

Lets play who is in this photo...Bailey with Maddox, Chauntel with Jackson and me with Tristin and Gavin.

We went to Berrilicious (sp?) a great place to make your own frozen yogurt mixture.

The boys had a blast hanging out with there cousins in Dallas and Makayla was nice enough to let them play with her pennies!
The boys first time in an Airplane and they loved it. Gavin kept walking up to Tristin and flapping his arms and saying "Flying Trisitn, we flying!" and Tristin would say "yeah!" they were funny, crazy, crying, screaming, barrel of fun on our trip. The best part was when we were in Minneapolis trying to make our connection to Pasco airport and we had to run from one end to the other end of the huge airport and my kids didn't want to move. I tried to take the moving walkway with Tristin and I got on with two pieces of luggage and he wouldn't get on, so yelled at him to get on still nothing and I continued to move farther away for him, some people approached and I yelled "hey could you just throw him on!" they looked at me like I was crazy and he started to cry, so I did the only thing I could and started walking up stream on the moving walkway trying to move fast enough to make it to him, finally I got him and put him on while the people just looked at me in horror. To make matters worse he almost wouldn't get off! That was a very exciting experience! It will be a long time before we do that again!!!

Day trip to San Francisco!

I was able to go to San Francisco this last week and hang out with a friend from work and some old friends from Houston. It was a really great trip and we had a good time! I think what made it fun was the good company. My calves hurt for days after from all the walking! We left at 6:00 am and came home on the last flight at 8:00 pm. I love the new job that makes a day trip to California possible!!! :)