Sunday, December 23, 2007

Home Life

Life at home has been crazy. I have been gettin' the hang of it really slowly. The Babies got their first sponge bath, which of course they hated. But they smell so much better! So we decided to take so pictures to show how good they Smelt!!! J\k They pretty good too.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Babies here!!!

Can I just say that hospital stay is awesome, I wish that I was still there. But the babies are here they where born Dec. 19, 2007

Tristin Rodger 5lbs 15oz 19 1/2 inch
Time: 12:00 pm (noon)

Gavin Martin 6lbs 10 oz 19 inch
Time: 12:37 pm

I had trouble getting into the hospital to actually get induced but once there it went great. I was finally admitted at 12 midnight on Wed. and they started the induction then. By 5 am they where ready to come. I never felt any contractions, the nurses thought that this was pretty amazing. I was dilated at 7 when I finally got an epidural. Then went into the O.R. to deliver and was only in there for about 2 hours. We found out that the babies are fraternal not Identical! Which really surprised us but they look like brothers!!! Aron the father really surprised me when he cut the umbilical cord of Gavin, even better he cut it with out looking!!! What a man! After the hospital Gavin has been crying alot, but is a great eater. Tristin is so curious and wants to check out everything. He is my little guy I feel like he is so breakable being so small, but I have a feeling that they will both change so much in the next few weeks. I'll keep you posted.
Kendall and family

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Mind Games!

The Hospital is so mean!!! I was supposed to go in last night to be induced but they called me at 8 pm and told me they had no room in the Hospital and no nurse to help me. So I was told to call back in the morning, today at about 10:30am and was told that Dr. Morrison wanted me in tonight at 5pm. Again I was told to call before to see if there was room. At 4pm when I called I found out that the Dr. had gone home sick and that another Dr. was going to get me started till Dr. Morrison came in the Morning. But because the other Dr. was already scheduled to do another induction at 9pm I have to wait till 8pm so that me and the other girl are close to each other so the Dr. isn't there all night. So now for sure I am going to finally be admitted tonight! Hopefully I can wait till my Dr. can make it, it would be really great to have him and not some guy I've never meet but with all the mind games I am ready and want the babies out. I didn't think so at first but when they called to tell me it wouldn't be as planned I was shattered. I promise the next time you hear from me I will be a mommy!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Picking a birthday!

Yesterday we had a Dr.'s Appointment, the doctor let us decide on a Birthday for the twins! We picked Dec. 18th. So next Monday I will go to the hospital at 10 pm and start the inducing and the doctor thinks that they will be born the following day on the 18th. I'm not sure if I like picking a day to go into labor and be in pain but it is exciting to know that they will be here! So I guess 6 days and counting, unless they want to come on there own before that.

Friday, December 7, 2007

Nearing the end, and the begining

So I kind of started this blog while I was at school and didn't do much with it. So with the babies about here I thought it would be good get caught up and then I can easily upload the pictures of the babies once there here. But until then it is pictures and news about me!

I found out the the babies will more than likely be induced. I just don't think that I am having them on my own before next week. I am tired and with all the pressure of 12 lbs it is uncomfortable. But I just can't see it happening on it's own with out a little help before then. My Doctor(DR. Morrison) is great, although I haven't had any others he is so postive and praises me everytime I go in. It goes to my head a little sometimes I think! I finally feel like I might have a chance at this mother thing, before now I just didn't want to think about it. But talking to Lois last night about all the special things twins have to share I am excited to see what special bond Tristin and Gavin will have with each other that most people just don't have.

Baby Shower

Sister Akerman through a perfect baby shower last night. She is such a great lady, and there wasn't too much attention thrown on me! Which I was glad about I hate that kind of attention. The people who came where great people that have been there for me in the past and since I've been home from school. I was glad that Mom, Rochelle and Kim where able to come I just wish that Bailey, Chauntel and Jillian could have been there too. But they are all great support and where there in spirit! I got some great gift especially the Diapers and wipes!, But my favorite thing was the Santa outfits from Sister Newbury. The boys will look great in them!

Prego Pic's through out the months

seven & half months

six & half months

five & half months