Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Potty Training Double time...HELP!

I am officially finished with my Associates Degree and so my days will be filled with other things besides memorizing Muscles and Bone and Bacteria and Viruses ...instead I have decided what to do with all the free time. I am going to have too try to get the boys Potty Trained!!!
I know I am crazy! I think it will be crazy if I can do both kids at the same time. But I guess if crazy Kate (John & Kate Plus Eight) can do 6 kids (three at a time) then I can do 2. Except one little thing I have never done this before. I haven't had the pleasure of potty training a toddler. So I am asking for HELP !!!
If you have any advice about potty training that would be great. Even if it was a girly experience or a singleton kid experience, I will take what I can get. I expect lots of messy briefs and lots of crying, if its me and not the kids I am expecting that too! Just the crying part and not the messy underwear!
A Crazy Mother who is asking for it!!!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Tea Rose Flower and Romantic Cardigan

Tea Flower and Romantic Cardigan
The flower is made of recycled jeans it was a very long and frustrating project. It shouldn't have been so bad but I didn't have the right kind of jeans so then I had to re-cut out the pieces using better quality fabric. It has a pin on the back so it can be added to necklaces, or pinned to a shirt, it could even be worn in your hair. I am glad to have it finished.

The Romantic Cardigan was easier, all you have to do is find an old usable cardigan or a new cheap one from the store. I actually bought one since I realized that I don't really buy very many cardigans. I saw that this same cardigan is on sale for $15 at Target. Then I added Lace and made ruffles out of ribbons. I had to make a few changes from the original design.

I have to say that I found both of these on this great blog by a girl, Sachiko, who likes to take old things are make new things out of them. If you want to take a look go Here it is a fun blog I just wish I had little girls!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patricks day!

I actually don't really care for St. Patrick's day. As a mother I think it is a little bit more fun. Next year maybe a little more fun when they can really understand. Gavin was already dressed this morning and didn't have any green on till Grandma reminded us, so Gavin's green shirt had to go over his Blue and Brown striped shirt!
I realized today at school that it is actually kind of cool to dress up for the Holidays. I was wearing green and thought no one else would be, but to my surprise many kids had green on. One kid even had on as much green as you could possible wear. I am so cool!!!
Cousin Carter brought his Baseball glove over today and Gavin really loved that. At first Carter didn't want to share his glove but when I asked him too help Gavin and show him how to use the glove he was very helpful. Uncle Cody was really nice and pitched balls to Tristin, who actually does really well hitting a big ball. Gavin got really mad when it was time for Carter and the glove to go home so I thought it would be a good idea to get the boys there own glove and baseballs(tennis balls). The boys are snug in bed with gloves and balls tucked in tight!!! I didn't have time to get pictures since it was time for bed when we got home from the store. Maybe tomorrow.
I am almost done with school only a test tomorrow and a final on Monday. I am very ready to be done!

Friday, March 12, 2010

girl things, boy things

Thanks to Kamden who came over yesterday and helped the boys pick out outfits! Also thanks to Marcel for bringing over the nerf guns so the boys could do some shooting practice!!! A little bit of boy things a little bit of girl things...my kids are going to be really confused.

Monday, March 8, 2010


Breakfast has been a fun little moment each day as of late. The boys have started eating cereal which is fun and messy. I love to watch them tip the bowl up to drink the sugary goodness that is left in the bowl. Gavin also loves waffles and french toast and oatmeal, pretty much anything that is food really. But Tristin is not such a good Breakfast eater and many mornings leaves leftovers in his bowl or on his plate. This is where the "garbage man" (my new name for Gavin) comes in, the other day I saw that Gavin was sitting a the table done and that Tristin was getting down to go play leaving left over waffles on his plate, Gavin then moves over to Tristin's plate and begins to eat his leftovers! I was laughing, to myself, when Tristin came back to eat a little more and Gavin had moved all of the contents of Tristin's plate to his own making it look like the food was his own. Today I saw kind of the same thing and caught it on camera. This time Gavin was feeding Tristin from the leftovers of Tristin's bowl and taking a FEW of his own bits too(more like 5 for him and 1 for Tristin!). These kids are too funny and it just keeps getting better.