Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas, little Angels?!

One Minute they where nice the other minute they where getting into everthing. Tristin somehow got the chips off of the table and was eating them for a least a little bit before anyone noticed. Fitting over a toy, atleast until they opened there other presents, they also tried to open everyone elses presents. A drawer full of nothing but Bibs, something they can't hurt. Still it was a fun experience, I think they thought it was something they weren't supposed to be doing and for some reason they where getting away with it. Everytime Grandpa looked around the corner they started to put them back.

Gavin was a sheep this year for our Nativity reading, he did well participated at least for a little bit.


Chauntel said...

How adorable. merry christmas.

StevenChristy said...

Your blog is darling i love hearing all about the boys. What a great mother you are.