Sunday, January 18, 2009

War of the Remotes!

Where do I begin...remotes are a huge thing in this house hold and since we watch SOME TV, the boys have quickly realized that the person holding and pointing the remote at the TV has the ultimate power. It didn't take them long to want the remotes sooooo bad that they would not think of anything else but how to get their hands on that remote. Even if it meant being cute and "acting" like they wanted who ever has the remote, if only to get just a little bit closer, and maybe get the actual remote. Tristin is the worst, he will throw himself on the floor and roll around and cry for 10 min. if I let him. He just wants he remote! I even put him in his highchair the other day and all of a sudden he was flopping around and crying. I couldn't get him to eat for the life of me and after 10 min. I realized that the remote was on the counter and he wanted it so bad he just had to have it!!! Well I have two video's, I am antagonizing Tristin and the situation just a bit but it's pretty normal for a situation like this. But they both show how BAD Tristin wants that remote. Gavin is actually really funny, but it is hard to understand exactly what is going on, he is also antagonizing Tristin by holding the remote out so Tristin think he is giving it to him and then pulling it back, also he throws the remote on the floor and try's to get Tristin to notice it so he will come and get it. Anyways it is pretty funny, of course I might be the only one. Enjoy!
Tristin: Brown Shirt
Gavin: Blue Shirt


Jillian said...

HA HA HA HA ha haha hahaha haha HAHAHA ahahahah! That is sooo funny! oh I miss them! ^_^