Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Laughter and home sickness

I was going into the boys room last night while they slept and as I was putting the blanket over Tristin he started to laugh a really cute laugh. He was asleep and must have been dreaming a good dream about a cute girl(mom) chasing him around(the family room)! It must have been so much fun! But I just started to smile and thought this is a precious moment that I wanted to cherish.

I have friends coming into town this weekend, people I knew from Houston. It is so fun, because I really get home sick for Houston and my friends that I left behind. I hope that it is as fun as I think it will be! I'm excited for them to meet the boys. I will take pictures and post them after the weekend.


Chauntel said...

i get home sick for houston sometimes too. i hope you enjoy the visit. who's coming to visit? they're going to love the boys.

Jillian said...

that is really cute Kendall! how fun! I hope you have tons of fun with your friends.