Wednesday, February 20, 2008

2 months old

We colored Jillians hair today
Gavin in an attempt to smile!

Tristin whistling at the pretty girls on T.V.

This is Gavin's signiture look like on Zoolander

Trisin can't wait to talk so he can tell his mom how much he loves her!!!
Yesterday was the boys 2 month Birthday! We made Lemon bars this month to celebrate last month was Cinnamon Rolls. We like to have any excuse to make goodies. The pictures of the boys are from yesterday but the picture of me and Jillian is from today we dyed her hair a medium brown and she went and got it cut. She will have to post a finished product it is really cute. We try to stay busy everyday but I think that the boys are getting to spoiled and I end up hold one of them all day. I love these boys they are so different and I love that but I have to admit it would be alot easier to take care of them is they liked and dislike the same thing and if they would stay on the same schedule. It is starting to warm up a bit and so I decided to take the boys on a walk a couple of times but it is still to cold and it doesn't last long. Well I hope you enjoy the pictures and I'll try to post again soon! love ya all!!!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

tagged answers below

I started the answers to the Tagged things but ended up saving it, and posted since so my answers are below.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Aunt Jillian with Tristin(red binki!)

Cousin Kamden with Tristin

Mommy holding Tristin, ok so Tristin is awake alot more these days so that is why everyone has a picture with him. We love to hold Gavin but if he sleeps he doesn't get pictures!

Tristin looks scared because Gavin is crying in his ear, poor Tristin!

Gavin loves Tummy time and can hold his head up so well

Tristin doesn't like tummy time as much, he has a hard time with getting his up



Gavin looks like a little sailor in his striped shirt and white pants

Gavin of course is scared by anything at least that is what the look tells me

Tristin just going along with is all

Note the cute shirts both from Kooper, thanks Bailey! Gavin also had cute slippers on I love it!!!

Both seem to be ok in this picture, they finally realized that picture are a must.

The boys went for a full day of church on Sunday they where so tired after that so they took a nap on the couch with Kara. She had a busy day in nursery.

Tristin loved his hat and wanted to show it off

this is the boys waiting patiently while I finished getting ready for church. They love their bouncers.

Tristin loves to lay on peoples chests and Grandma like to have him there!

The boys have been smiling and coping faces a lot lately I love it so much. I love that they respond to the world around them and that they are happy! Today for V-Day we hung out with Rochelle, Kamden and Carter. Then the boys went to their first movie in the theatre, Spiderwick Chronicles. Tristin hated the loud noise and Gavin just slept through the whole thing. I want to say thank you to Rochelle for helping me get through a tough day is seems like I can look back on some crapy days and those where days that were saved by Rochelle. I know she doesn't realize it but if I need her I know she is there for me and I don't even have to tell her what kind of a day it is she just is a good sister. Of course I can say that about all my loving sisters, we take care of each other!!!
The best love is the love you give even when it may not seem like it is needed.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


A. The rules of the of game are posted at the beginning.
B. Each player answers the questions about themselves.
C. At the end of the post, the player then tags 5 people and posts their names and then goes to their blogs and leaves a comment, letting them know that they have been tagged and that they should read your blog.

10 years ago...

10 years ago I was in 10th grade just about to turn 16 and drive. I hated high school, I'm sure there was some drama with my friends. I went to a Valentines Day dance with James, the brother of Amy the next door neighbor, even though mom and dad didn't know about it. I bought a dress with my own money and made up some lie about staying the night some where. (sorry mom and dad!!!) It was fun even though I was being bad or maybe it was fun because I was being bad. Man does that make sense or what.

5 things on my list to do today...

1. get enough sleep
2. go to the house authorities and get on the list for an Apt.
3. check on financial aid for school
4. give my kids baths
5. eat (I actually have to plan it)

Snacks I enjoy...

movie theater popcorn, cran-apple juice, baked goods, lemon-berry slush, there are very few foods I don't enjoy!

What I would do if I were suddenly a millionaire...

Invest, Finish school, Buy a house, set up funds for Tristin and Gavins school and missions, go to Europe for a month every year, get clothes that fit my new body, enjoy being a stay at home mom

3 of my bad habits...

1. procrastinate
2. complain
3. judge others

5 places I have lived...

1. Pasco, Washington
2. San Antonio, TX
3.Houston, TX
4.Rexburg, Idaho
5. Provo, Utah

5 jobs I have had...

1. Movie theater
2. Server at IHOP
3. custodian
4. school librarian
5. preventive pest control secratary

5 things people don't know about me...

1. I have many deep dark secrets but that is between me and the lord!
2. I don't like stupid people and I like to make fun of them when they do stupid things
3. I wish I lived in New York and was a career women
4. I am practical and just want simple things although I sometime think I have more money then I really do to get those things
5. I am afraid of the phone, but have gotten better

Monday, February 4, 2008

Family Photos

It's a little hard to tell but Gavin is smiling in this picture!

Tristin is Smiling also, this is why I am so happy!

Gavin just wouldn't preform he wasn't haven any of it.

Gavin was protesting family picture day, this could be a foreshadow of things to come.

Lean to the left, lean to the right!

Gangsta' Baby T

Doesn't mom's hair look long in the back in this picture! (J/k mom!)
Gangsta' Baby G
(the face isn't very convincing)