Friday, March 27, 2009


With little gaps of good weather we have been spending some time outside! The boys love it and they don't want to come in even if it starts to pour rain. We ate out side and they just sat next to each other so good, Tristin was even laying his head on Gavin's shoulder. For these guys that is pretty good, as much as Gavin loves to give kisses and loves, Tristin will avoid it at all cost!

Yesterday we went to the Playground of Dreams with some friends because we thought it would be good since it is fenced in but it is such a big area and some many big kids it was stressful and I ended up needing a nap when we got home. Three hours of chasing one kids going one way and then going the other way chasing the other one was pretty exhausting! They loved it and probaby would have stayed all day.

The funniest thing is Gavin when we go places because no matter where we are, the doctors office, the playground, or even church, he will go up to people he doesn't know and will stare at people almost right up in their face. It was funny yesterday at the park because this man was bending over to his kid to button his coat up and Gavin walked over and bent his head down to get under his face about 6 inches away and just started to stare. I think he scared the guy! He thought he was bending over to see his kids coat but instead he was seeing some random kid starring at him!!! I laugh because it is so weird that he does it but it could be considered a little rude. Hopefully he will grow out of this, if not I guess I will have to change my response, other wise I will have a 10 year old kid walking up and starring at people with a blank look on his face.