Saturday, August 30, 2008

daycare kids

Last Monday was the daycare kids first day back. Ever since then Tristin and Gavin have been so happy that they wake up at 7am. Then they play all day with them like big boys. When the older kids go outside the twins go to the window and just watch them.

Yesterday the daycare was going through the sprinklers so I put the boys in their swimsuits and put them in the wagon and pulled them through the sprinklers. This was Tristin's face the whole time we where out side. I'm not sure what it was supposed to mean? But they cried and didn't really like being wet. We also went to a YSA activity, it was swimming and BBQ. The boys went swimming and the water was so cold that they were shivering the whole time. But I think they liked being with the kids. They cried when we left.


Chauntel said...

How cute. I bet they do love watching the big kids play. How fun for them. I love that you took them through the sprinkler. What a great mom you are.