Wednesday, August 20, 2008

over load, over due

Ok I know I going a little overload, but it has been a long time since I updated. I painted my room to a new color the day before we left for Seattle for the reunion. Then when we came back My parents left for a few days and took the camera. Then Tristin learned to crawl! I am so proud of him although I do have to say thatit is hard to be as excited about it this time since Gavin already did it and this means they are both crawling!!! Big disaster, I can tell that Tristin is the leader even if he is the slower one. This could change but for now it is my big boy Tristin who finds things to get into and Gavin just goes with it. They found the kids books that my mom had down for the Daycare kids.
So sorry about all the posts all in a row. I just wanted to get all this stuff down so that I wouldn't forget. Their may be more since I still haven't posted about the reunion which was a really great time!


Bailey said...

I love all the posts keep 'em Comin'. I love the paint color in your room especially with the wite everywhere it looks awesome. I wish I could redo a room like that with everything White but then I would have to buy all new furniture. I can't believe they are both crawling! Oh man are you in trouble!!!