Saturday, August 30, 2008

daycare kids

Last Monday was the daycare kids first day back. Ever since then Tristin and Gavin have been so happy that they wake up at 7am. Then they play all day with them like big boys. When the older kids go outside the twins go to the window and just watch them.

Yesterday the daycare was going through the sprinklers so I put the boys in their swimsuits and put them in the wagon and pulled them through the sprinklers. This was Tristin's face the whole time we where out side. I'm not sure what it was supposed to mean? But they cried and didn't really like being wet. We also went to a YSA activity, it was swimming and BBQ. The boys went swimming and the water was so cold that they were shivering the whole time. But I think they liked being with the kids. They cried when we left.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

mY exPloRerS

It's so interesting, it's so big! What is it???

Winter, cold, snow, Christmas, birthday, Couldn't come any sooner.

I just have so much fun everyday watching the kids play. I love how they interact and sometime they will sit and watch the other one and then they will start laughing at what ever they are doing. It kills me in a good way. Then sometimes they grab each others faces and make the other cry. Tristin has even started trying to suck on Gavin when he is wet in the bath tub(like his shoulder or face). Gavin doesn't really like it very much, Suprise!
Yesterday afternoon I went in to get the kids up from a nap and there was Gavin standing up in his crib! Ahh!!! He is too small to be standing up next thing you know he will be walking. Tristin was asleep when I went in to feed them last night and it looked like he had been sitting up and had fallin' asleep with his head forward in his blanket. It didn't look very comfortable, but that is just how limber Tristin is.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

over load, over due

Ok I know I going a little overload, but it has been a long time since I updated. I painted my room to a new color the day before we left for Seattle for the reunion. Then when we came back My parents left for a few days and took the camera. Then Tristin learned to crawl! I am so proud of him although I do have to say thatit is hard to be as excited about it this time since Gavin already did it and this means they are both crawling!!! Big disaster, I can tell that Tristin is the leader even if he is the slower one. This could change but for now it is my big boy Tristin who finds things to get into and Gavin just goes with it. They found the kids books that my mom had down for the Daycare kids.
So sorry about all the posts all in a row. I just wanted to get all this stuff down so that I wouldn't forget. Their may be more since I still haven't posted about the reunion which was a really great time!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


So Mom has been nagging me to get rid of all the kids stuff they don't use anymore. This is what we have acquired. I am putting it on Craigslist. There is other stuff but we are still using it. this is just to have more room I think mom doesn't really like the fact that their stuff is everywhere. Especially if it isn't being used anymore.

tv and bath time

We moved from one at a time baths to taking it together. I am happy to say that this is something that I have kind of looked forward to and it is just as great as I thought it would be. Now I look forward to the day that they can bath them selves!!! It was so hard before because I was having to bath one while the other, sensing what was about to happen and not wanting to be left out, would start to cry and wail. So I would have to listen to a crying baby while furiously bathing the other baby, who loved it and would want to stay in a little longer, but because I didn't like listening to my baby be so upset couldn't let it happen. They love taking a bath, although I see that we need covers for the bath nozzle so they don't hit their heads and they need non-slip pads on the bottom of the tub or something similar. Any suggestions???

Again a great picture of Gavin watching TV. It is a funny day when Gavin stops to do anything for longer then 10 seconds. Or maybe he just likes Arby's! I think he will like TV but will also be very distracted, kind of like his cousin Cole.

New room color, because Gold is NOT a good color!

For anyone who saw the old room color you know that it was a little bit much for the eye. I just had a hard time with seeing when the light hit that Gold color and I am happy to say that it is changed. I wish I would have gotten a picture of the old room. Oh well!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

I put Gavin in the seat, with hope that he just might figure out how to jump in it. But I was trying to find something on the tv to watch and when I turned around he was just laying like this I started laughing so hard and he just smiled back at me.

The boys only want the toy that the other one has. There could be 20 toys around them and they want the one the other has. Gavin will even come from the other side of the room just to get Tristins' toy.

At my last WIC appointment they told me that I needed to try giving the boys cups so we have tried it a few times. They finally figured it out after I put some juice in the cup instead of just water, before that it was a chew toy.

Tristin started making this face, we will pretend that it is a kissy face for my sake!

One of the mom's that our mom babysits for bought these cute outfits to me, they look like sleepers but who knows I thought they where adorable playing around in the same outfit. They really don't wear the same outfit at the same time because I believe that they need to be seen a individuals, and one way to do that is to wear different clothes and have different hair cuts. I realize that they don't even know at this point but when they look at pictures of them in the past I hope that they will realize that I have always seen them as their own personalities. Gavin the fun loving and full of energy baby and Tristin the laid back, happy, content, with a little attitude on the side baby.